Monday poem: “Imitators”


My thoughts and poems are plagiarized
But don’t scoff for yours are too
The only difference is I try to copy Christ
My question is how about you?

Do you copy those you meet and hang around?
Is it “fitting in or bust”?
Do you imitate the stockbrokers?
Is it money that you lust?
Do you strive and strain for what can be gained
Or do you just like to complain?
We all bend our knees to something else
What is it you let reign?

Do you wish for greater intellect,
A better body or skill-set?
Do you feel your life would be complete
If these little needs were met?
Surely you must realize
It’s not the glory, gold or sex
That makes a life worth dying for,
No it’s not what you can get.

These things are functional idols
That we worship and pursue.
We all bow to someone,
I’m Christ’s fool, whose are you?

2 responses to “Monday poem: “Imitators”

  1. YEAH! Me too Nick! (I hope) :] Thanks for this. Always feel refreshed/encouraged/inspired your poems. Today I am going to imitate Jesus, and be a fool for Him. :] xx

  2. Touch the dirt,
    Feel the air,
    Imagine love
    As if it lays upon comforted chest.

    all manner of hidden reply,
    cannot possibly supply,
    one simple touch for a human,
    what god exists except that in the mind

    i strive for intellect so i gained it,
    i worked for money and so i earned it,
    i begged desperately for acknowledgement from a god,
    my request was met with out reply and followers criticism

    i am human,
    i am capable of believing in lies,
    and so are you, but,
    whose lies did Jesus believe in?

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