Monday Poem: “Over and Over Again”

Over and Over Again

As black as two in the morning spawning hate,
Your heart is dry; your love is late-
A well untapped of better things. You wait
With eyes-wide-closed you stare and paint.
One glance from you leaves others bruised.

I saw the cloud hanging over you
Like a falling kite,
Like a shadow cast from hidden light,
Like a deranged and mangy angel of the rotten kind
Sent to trample on your wandering mind
(King-hit-you from behind),
In times like these you better hide
Over and over and
Over and over again.

I saw a hoax laid like Kauffman’s grave,
Your name was changed and made profane:
a shame to friends and family,
a simple parody of what you used to be.
You’re not a man to me
But a stationery
Adolescent filled with hate and greed.

As pale as a shade of grey,
You’re old but in another way
So young and dumb
You have succumbed
To the darts of the enemy,
To the things you used to do
And to the things they put you through.

But then you put away those childish things,
I saw it all change in you
then change back.

I saw the cloud lift from over you,
Just like Lazarus turned backwards
and away from what is hazardous,
When you met your Maker (who never forsakes you)
Then it changed your nature.
There’s only one requisite to be alive
And that one thing is: you have to die
Over and over and
Over and over again.


2 responses to “Monday Poem: “Over and Over Again”

  1. I just LOVE your poetry. :] Thanks xx

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