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Poem: Nurtured Growth

When, to the satisfaction of my faculties
My mind finds soundless rhymes
In thoughts and feelings combined
With others input and time,
I begin to grow
Beyond the home
I know
(Beyond my plateau)
Thanks to another
One more faithful than I.

Monday Poem – “Breakthrough”


Looking in the mirror at a person you don’t know.
Hiding from the cellars of a mental rendezvous.
…but you know you haven’t got too long
before the dust sets in,
building on a lot of hurt
and a concrete wall of sin.

I see that you can so I’m begging you to listen,
for your heart is going callous from that malice that consumes you.
You know your not alone, you’re not the only one whose bitten
but time ticks by at an awful rate and before it gets to late,
you need a breakthrough.

Dancing in the garden with a person you just met,
talking with a selfish charm that a worldly mind has set.
But you know you haven’t got too long,
before a time will come
when you can no longer turn away
from the wicked things you’ve done.

…and I know it isn’t easy,
right decisions never are,
God knows that, and I know that, so help is never far.
I know your gonna need someone to help dispel the doubt,
so Jesus died for you and me,
and helps us sinners out

Standing at the crossroads, now’s the time to take a pick,
you’ve had enough exposure so you’d better choose it quick,
because you know you haven’t got too long
before a time will come
when you can no longer turn away
from the wicked things you’ve done.

Before your heart goes hard you need a breakthrough.

Monday Poem- ‘Winston (or “Feast for a noble beast”)’

Winston (or “Feast for a noble beast”)

We gave a lost cat meat and more to steal
(Some milk, some love, more than a meal),
More than a once off affair.
We gave it a moment
But it decided we own it,
Now it will not leave our bloody stair.

O to speak kitten!
To know its feline thoughts,
To know this lost but noble beast,
This thing that we have caught
(And can never ever lose
Even if we wanted to),
To help it find its home.

The company I keep today
Is easiest to like,
For the unconditional
Dilemma is that this lost cat knows
How a moment goes
And that our affection grows,
I think it’s found its home.

Monday Poem- “Still Comfort”

Still Comfort

Still comfort
Can plague a restless norm,
From the day the child was born.
Harmful times
And familiar minds
Have wasted repetitions signs.
As a drunken monk
Normality is disturbed
When encountering grace for the first time:
A world messed up then given back to God.

If only for a moment
Wasting becomes waiting on Him,
Waiting for His realness
And for this child to catch up,
Then wasting is still comfort
And not a waste at all.

Monday Poem – “Alive to dead to having life”

Alive to dead to having life

I shivered
Then quivered
Then ummmed and ahhhed,
I couldn’t find a way to start,
I didn’t have the words to say
But like a child asked something anyway-
“How do I remember this moment?
Lord, how do I own it?
Good sir, I want to know it-
How do I make life a friend, not an opponent?”

He replied
“My little child-
Death to pride,
Death to lies,
And death to self!
This moment’s ripples will be felt
Through all the generations-
Beyond all imagination
But you have to die first (death to self).
This moment’s offspring will be plentiful
But first you have to die.
You see,
A child must die to silly things
And rise to the changes happening,
Then a bachelor dies on his wedding night,
To become a husband to his wife.
Then as a husband put himself away
And serve his queen both night and day.
Each and every sacrifice
Is a rite of passage ordained by Christ.
And that is how to love your life
To give up your ‘needs’, your ‘wants’ and ‘rights’”

I wanted to cry,
My Lord said I had to die?
I wanted to argue, crow and fight
But of course I could see my Lord was right
And besides, He had died the first death for me
When His naked Son lay on that tree.
He has obliterated my debt,
He has died that first death.
He has taken me into Him, now I am blessed!
He has laid my arguments to rest.
And may they rest in pieces on the floor,
May this moment last forever more.
From boy to man to child,
From alive to dead to having life.
From the lowest lows to highest heights.
From dying to self to living for Christ.

Monday Poem- “Odd Couple 6”

Odd Couple 6

His heart is thick as leather
And his mind is kind of weathered
But he opens up and has a chat to her.
She’s the kind of lady
Who just loves to call him baby
But then cuts him with the gaps between her words.
How can it be that these two strange foes
(Who looks like cane toads)
Can be on the same road?
How is it they’re alone
But in the darkness they’re at home
Like leather and pain,
They sever the chains,

An unlikely odd couple
Watched on from above
(Cheered on in love)
By angelic dances and sovereign glances
Whose eyes penetrate smokes and booze
As much as empty pews,
Looking for a chance
To commission romance
And paint a pretty picture,
They replaced elixirs with scriptures
When Cupids arrow hit them.

these fools leave stools.
These ghouls find jewels.
Their hearts awoken
(Three-corded strands
Cannot be broken).
Ugliness redeemed
When the odd couple teamed

Monday poem: “Imitators”


My thoughts and poems are plagiarized
But don’t scoff for yours are too
The only difference is I try to copy Christ
My question is how about you?

Do you copy those you meet and hang around?
Is it “fitting in or bust”?
Do you imitate the stockbrokers?
Is it money that you lust?
Do you strive and strain for what can be gained
Or do you just like to complain?
We all bend our knees to something else
What is it you let reign?

Do you wish for greater intellect,
A better body or skill-set?
Do you feel your life would be complete
If these little needs were met?
Surely you must realize
It’s not the glory, gold or sex
That makes a life worth dying for,
No it’s not what you can get.

These things are functional idols
That we worship and pursue.
We all bow to someone,
I’m Christ’s fool, whose are you?