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Monday Poems – “The beasts of the East”

The beasts of the East

The beasts of the East rule the land that exists,
With the wisdom brawn gives them and war-mongering fists.
The beasts of the East speak their message quite loud-
They are creatures with features both mighty and proud.
And the beasts of the East have never tasted defeat,
Taking homes, breaking bones and then dining on meat
That these beasts from the East steal from innocent backs
That from behind were blindsided with cowardly attacks.
The beasts of the East take their plunder back home
Spending money on honeys so they’re never alone.
The beasts of the East while they self-glorify
Sense days of slumber are numbered, they have nowhere to hide.
Comet or flood,
Diseases or mud,
The greatest of all shall still fall if they haven’t got love.
The beasts of the East and the least of the Earth,
All have a date with there maker the day they’re covered with dirt.

Monday Poem “Shoes”


You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes-
Don’t take his advice
If they are new,
Or pick a fight when
They’ve been abused,
But if they look old,
Well-worn and used
You’ll know the owner is worth listening to.

Monday Poem- “Out of the boat 2”

Out of the boat 2

If the world was made of water
And our home the ocean deep,
Then would you say hello to me
If you past me down the street?
Would you still let me just float by
And not really go that deep?
If my life was up against the tide
Would we ever really meet?

But our lives are not designed that way
So why have we still not met?
You float on by with watery eyes
As though you’re swimming past a net.
You look scared, you’re hooked and snared,
I want to help, I’m not a threat.
I’ll cut your line and you’ll cut mine
If we can only just connect.

We’re not schools of fools, we’re people!
So don’t clam up, lets end
Being merely strangers
And let’s hook up and be friends.

Monday Poem- “Communist Paint Sniffers”

Communist paint sniffers

Through my black mirror
The doll-faced little zombies
Sang words of adoration
In drugged, monotone grunts and groans of death.
The pasty brittle faces giving hazy little praises
To the God who permitted debt,
Sickness and pestilence.
But their little is big through my black mirror.
They have no home, no gifts, or hope that I can see
As they stand and sing and smile and freeze.
They have no black mirror, no food or drink
Or clothes, family or time to think.
These tiny little zombies smile
As they pray to a God who seems to take a while!
But He gave them what they have (this Lord of hosts),
Not much but they have more than most.
I look into my black mirror and don’t like these kids I see,
Should I help them be set up? Could God actually use me?
But I need to be distracted
And my mirror has apps for that,
so I click away
I guess I’m the zombie now.

Monday poem- “With fury poured out”

With fury poured out

They say the jury is out
But as His fury pours out
God disagrees…

Nature crafts
With fury poured out,
I sit inside and wait for the weather.
Aggressively beautiful
This rain does more
Than any genius in his lab or
Other type of work.
The rain stops and I go outside,
I breathe in the air
And newness holds me there.
My senses are engaged,
My patience has been paid
And I now hold onto
This priceless precious wage-
The air I share with now,
Too valuable to gauge.

The jury is out
Is what we get told
But with fury poured out
The verdict is gold.

Monday Poem: “Over and Over Again”

Over and Over Again

As black as two in the morning spawning hate,
Your heart is dry; your love is late-
A well untapped of better things. You wait
With eyes-wide-closed you stare and paint.
One glance from you leaves others bruised.

I saw the cloud hanging over you
Like a falling kite,
Like a shadow cast from hidden light,
Like a deranged and mangy angel of the rotten kind
Sent to trample on your wandering mind
(King-hit-you from behind),
In times like these you better hide
Over and over and
Over and over again.

I saw a hoax laid like Kauffman’s grave,
Your name was changed and made profane:
a shame to friends and family,
a simple parody of what you used to be.
You’re not a man to me
But a stationery
Adolescent filled with hate and greed.

As pale as a shade of grey,
You’re old but in another way
So young and dumb
You have succumbed
To the darts of the enemy,
To the things you used to do
And to the things they put you through.

But then you put away those childish things,
I saw it all change in you
then change back.

I saw the cloud lift from over you,
Just like Lazarus turned backwards
and away from what is hazardous,
When you met your Maker (who never forsakes you)
Then it changed your nature.
There’s only one requisite to be alive
And that one thing is: you have to die
Over and over and
Over and over again.

Monday Poem- “Don’t fall away”

Don’t fall away

I saw it ten weeks ago
through the window of your words
I said ‘Do you need help?’
you told me not to worry…
now I know you need my help
come kneel with me
to reality

You know what’s real
don’t turn away
we can work it out
if you don’t fall

I see I have responsibility
now I’m walking in the light
the truth reveals you need some help
don’t tell me not to worry
we could have chose the red pill
too late
we went with Alice

I see you know what’s real
so please don’t turn away
I’ll help you work it out
won’t let you fall

I’ve taken you on board
taken you to my God
He put you on my heart
through the window of your words

I see you know what’s right (turn back)
I’ll help you back on track
won’t let you turn away
won’t let you fall away…