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Monday Poem- “Farm Boy”

Farm boy

From his earliest daze
All he knew was the farm,
With his freckly nose
And suntanned arms,
He’d get up everyday
At the crack of dawn
So he could milk cows
And harvest the corn.
He could fix all the fences
And mend all the gates
And could handle the tractor
At the age of just eight.
He’d herd the sheep before lunchtime,
The lambs and the ewes,
Which paddock they went to
He got to choose.
However, the most important decision
Was not his to make
Because his father had bills
And the farm was at stake.
He wanted to sing though
(A secret he kept)
But saved performing for night time
In bed when he slept.
Every now and then though,
He’d just burst into verse,
When no one was looking
He’d get to rehearse.
He’d sing with the cattle, the horses and hens,
He’d sing when he fell into
The piggery pen.
As he sang before no one
While working outdoors,
All of Heaven responded
With excited applause.
The goats sounded better
To an untrained ear,
But when he sang from the heart
The angels revered:
A man with a calling
And a passion to sing,
As he worshipped His God
They called the farm boy
a king.