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Monday Poem – “Breakthrough”


Looking in the mirror at a person you don’t know.
Hiding from the cellars of a mental rendezvous.
…but you know you haven’t got too long
before the dust sets in,
building on a lot of hurt
and a concrete wall of sin.

I see that you can so I’m begging you to listen,
for your heart is going callous from that malice that consumes you.
You know your not alone, you’re not the only one whose bitten
but time ticks by at an awful rate and before it gets to late,
you need a breakthrough.

Dancing in the garden with a person you just met,
talking with a selfish charm that a worldly mind has set.
But you know you haven’t got too long,
before a time will come
when you can no longer turn away
from the wicked things you’ve done.

…and I know it isn’t easy,
right decisions never are,
God knows that, and I know that, so help is never far.
I know your gonna need someone to help dispel the doubt,
so Jesus died for you and me,
and helps us sinners out

Standing at the crossroads, now’s the time to take a pick,
you’ve had enough exposure so you’d better choose it quick,
because you know you haven’t got too long
before a time will come
when you can no longer turn away
from the wicked things you’ve done.

Before your heart goes hard you need a breakthrough.

Monday Poem- “The He-Leaves”

The He-Leaves

The leaves are all changing this time of year.
A steady walk
In thought we talked
About our pleasures, pains and fears.
The unspoken words hung in the autumn air.
We plucked them out
To arrange them there
But like the changing leaves they blew away.
You don’t care for what I say,
For the excuse or reason
Of that suddenly different season,
Or for the brisk pleasure
Or brief leisure
Or the change in the weather
That came with knowing better.

These leaves remind me every year now
Until they too get blown away.

Monday Poem – “Climate Change 1”

Climate Change 1

I heard a dead horse
Give account for time spent being flogged
By squawking talking science nuts
And sheeple speaking monkish.
I told the horse to take it like a man
And that I would plan
To expose the horse-assasins
With mental notes of its complaints.
This repetition of fudged facts
For contracts
Has held back
The impact
Of love upon this world.
For control freaks
Have planned this for years
But the dead horse is louder than those flogging
And the smell that the decay emits
And law and violence it permits
Is fishy at best…
But its clear that things aren’t even best.