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Monday Poem- “Origin or sin”

Origin or sin

“Let there be something”
Said no one to nothing
But no sound was found-
There were no words to be heard,
Or ears to hear
Or speaking lips
Or a medium which
Sound could exist.
No thing.
Not a thing,
But then it exploded.
A likely story
That although boring
Helps us sleep at night.

Matter splattered,
Protons, atoms,
Suddenly happened
And arranged themselves in order.
Primal chaos reigned
And then became
More complex
But I confess
That it’s insane for me
To just believe
A theory as fact-
The big bang of the gaps
Doesn’t tell me crap.


Monday Poem: “Politics”


Caesar was loved by the masses
But stabbed in the back by his friends,
Who’d want to be a politician
And meet such a horrible end?
Caesar did what was right in his own eyes,
And that had just a small perk or two,
He knew how to defend
His ideas to all men
And how to tick off more than a few.

That’s just politics though, isn’t it?

Brutus (the coward)
Wasn’t brave, smart or proud,
Was not really anyone.
He went from being like a son
Then hardened to become
Just another hired gun.
Marc Antony was next
And quickly made a mess,
He did not have success
Before he followed in Caesars steps.

And the disc keeps turning,
Stuck on repeat.
That’s just politics though, isn’t it?

Monday poem- “The incident”

The coincidence

The incident was no coincidence
But a necessary lesson to pause,
To stop and consider his flaws-
The things that need to change
Be rearranged
Or left the same.

In the future years
He learned not to worry about perfection
Or gaining affection,
And to just focus on the pause.

The incident taught him to pray,
Not the words to say
But an honest way,
And the incident taught him to live
And the incident taught him to love.
What a blessing
That his unfortunate “coincidence” was
Another lesson from above.

Monday Poem- “No World Order”

No World Order

Innovative designers
And gatekeepers of culture
Take on this task
Of our brave new world,
Asking for formula, predictability and data files
Of news readers, geeks and pedophiles
And other upstanding citizens friends.
In a strictly libertarian sense
These things are deviant,
But in a practical sense they are convenient.
However convenient isn’t always good,
Just ask Robin Hood,
Who had all the riches in the world
But still slept out in the woods,
As well us heroes should.

Monday poem- “The Net”

The Net

Their drugs are telephone devices
And looking good
And being thin.
Their drugs are status updates
And wearing clothes
And fitting in…

But when these vapor drugs wear off
What then?

Coming down from the highs of status quos
Is not easy when you do not know
That the fickleness and tiny threads
And wickedness of this fragile web
Give them a larger phone to call from
But an even higher throne to fall from.

Monday Poem: “The Leader”

The Leader

The Buddha of the West.
He was dressed to impress the blest
And all the rest in Sunday best,
And although he had no direction
(Or grandiose possessions)
He slowly made connections
With the whores, the rich, the poor
In his small section of town.

With a sweaty face and fat rolls tucked in
He soared to notoriety
And I ignored the words he spoke to me
Not sure of his sincerity
I saw what others couldn’t see-
That he was the Buddha of the West,
And like the Buddha of the East
He had things to fall back on
If being fat didn’t take off!

This man was hip
Though his mind was sick
But did he really ever claim to be
More than a scam
And not a silly, chubby man?
Did he ever claim to be the Buddha of the West?

“You still can’t hide the truth” (in which Nick purges his mind Monday style)

“The measure of a life is not length but honesty.” John Lyly

***Note: I understand that its Wednesday, but I felt like writing a Monday poem. Had some thoughts that wouldn’t leave until I did. I needed to get it out of myself before my brain let me sleep. Hope you’re having a nice Wednesday, consider it Monday for a moment!***

Monday Poem: You still can’t hide the truth

Greetings and welcome to your heart,
Its not the warmest place
Just the best place to start.
I see you’ve done some decorating
But you still can’t hide the need!

I know this house and all your sin,
It’s not the warmest place
And so we need to begin.
I see you’ve tried to mend the pain before
But you still can’t hide the need!

These callous walls
Have lied to you,
They are strong but they will fall
And I can’t watch it any more.

Hello and welcome to the world,
It’s not the nicest road
And it leads straight to Hell.
I can see you’ve walked a while
And you still can’t hide the truth!

I know a road you need to try,
It’s not an easy road
But it sure beats lies.
You won’t need to decorate
You just need to know the Truth!