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Monday Poem: “Couta Rocks 5”

Couta Rocks 5

Exploring the rocks
With my dog and my pop
And a bag to collect what we find-
A rope tied in knots
And a broken cray-pot
And some shells of all sizes and kinds,
An indigenous tool
(Ill put it back, that’s the rule)
And some junk off a Japanese ship,
This bait-saver looks good,
I’d take it home I could
But my pop tells me we already have six.

I gained a lot from those days
In my bag and my brain
As we’d talk, or explore, or just laugh.
I had a fine looking hound
And all the things that we found
But what I gained most was what Pop placed in my heart.


Photos of small frogs (Couta Rocks, Tasmania – 27/12/10)

Katie, Brittany, Steve and I recently went down to the Couta Rocks (West Coast of Tasmania).

While there we found some frogs. Here is a tiny little one (Click on the image for full-size):

It would not be too much of a leap to say he was a tad smaller than other frogs I have found before.