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Monday Poem – “Breakthrough”


Looking in the mirror at a person you don’t know.
Hiding from the cellars of a mental rendezvous.
…but you know you haven’t got too long
before the dust sets in,
building on a lot of hurt
and a concrete wall of sin.

I see that you can so I’m begging you to listen,
for your heart is going callous from that malice that consumes you.
You know your not alone, you’re not the only one whose bitten
but time ticks by at an awful rate and before it gets to late,
you need a breakthrough.

Dancing in the garden with a person you just met,
talking with a selfish charm that a worldly mind has set.
But you know you haven’t got too long,
before a time will come
when you can no longer turn away
from the wicked things you’ve done.

…and I know it isn’t easy,
right decisions never are,
God knows that, and I know that, so help is never far.
I know your gonna need someone to help dispel the doubt,
so Jesus died for you and me,
and helps us sinners out

Standing at the crossroads, now’s the time to take a pick,
you’ve had enough exposure so you’d better choose it quick,
because you know you haven’t got too long
before a time will come
when you can no longer turn away
from the wicked things you’ve done.

Before your heart goes hard you need a breakthrough.

Monday Poem: “Song of youth regained”

Song of youth regained

The child within was released again tonight
By a somewhat recognizable sound.
The familiar melody paved way to
Unfettered memory free that once was bound,
Unleashed the beast
Releasing sheets of heat
And light from yonder moon.
Light and laughter grew
And sang along in tune to beats
Of unsheathed imagination,
Offering subtle indications
Of beauty untold and unearthed gold.
The child then grew.
That child is you.
Don’t send them to their room.

Monday Poem- “Communist Paint Sniffers”

Communist paint sniffers

Through my black mirror
The doll-faced little zombies
Sang words of adoration
In drugged, monotone grunts and groans of death.
The pasty brittle faces giving hazy little praises
To the God who permitted debt,
Sickness and pestilence.
But their little is big through my black mirror.
They have no home, no gifts, or hope that I can see
As they stand and sing and smile and freeze.
They have no black mirror, no food or drink
Or clothes, family or time to think.
These tiny little zombies smile
As they pray to a God who seems to take a while!
But He gave them what they have (this Lord of hosts),
Not much but they have more than most.
I look into my black mirror and don’t like these kids I see,
Should I help them be set up? Could God actually use me?
But I need to be distracted
And my mirror has apps for that,
so I click away
I guess I’m the zombie now.

Monday Poem: “Couta Rocks 5”

Couta Rocks 5

Exploring the rocks
With my dog and my pop
And a bag to collect what we find-
A rope tied in knots
And a broken cray-pot
And some shells of all sizes and kinds,
An indigenous tool
(Ill put it back, that’s the rule)
And some junk off a Japanese ship,
This bait-saver looks good,
I’d take it home I could
But my pop tells me we already have six.

I gained a lot from those days
In my bag and my brain
As we’d talk, or explore, or just laugh.
I had a fine looking hound
And all the things that we found
But what I gained most was what Pop placed in my heart.

Mrs Flight and I at the Koloa Landing Resort in Kauai, Hawaii (Jan 2012)



I love this woman so muuuuch. I am the most fortunate human being on the planet.


Photos taken in our accomodation (Koloa Landing Resort) Kauaii, Hawaiii (January 2012)


This was our first time out of Australia

. We went to USA and the first leg of  our tour was Hawaii where my brother got married. We had an amazing  time. The accommodation  in the photo was shared with my sister, her husband and children and my mum and dad. We all had our own rooms and bathrooms with a shared living space.

You should note the very stereotypical Hawaiian garb we wear, which we were surprised to find not only the tourists but the locals actually do wear everywhere. We purchased ours at a tourist shop at the airport though. The beads were given free on arrival at the accommodation.

We arrived on Kauai from the Big Island late into the night and it is amazing we were able to drive straight to the accommodation with no concerns in the pitch black night with no map. Kauai is very untouched by tourism and of the islands is the most quiet, there is very little signage and that’s how the locals seem to like it. We basically had to rely on the extreme survival skills and amazing instincts of the writer whose instincts told him to drive wherever his wife told him because then if it was wrong and we got lost it would be her fault. Those instincts were right because we basically arrived with no need for maps or other directions. The accommodation was so self contained and luxurious. Very casual too and much chillage was had not just with our family but with our new Canadian family that came as part the package when my brother marrried my new sister. They were very cool people and now our friends for life.

Katie and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary twice, once in Australia and then we travelled back in time to gain the same date again in America. It was cool to have a wedding anniversary in Sydney and the next day the same wedding anniversary in Hawaii. Although I have to say, marriage is something we try to celebrate everyday and I am thankful to God for her everyday.

Island Diary: Kids book

Starring: Vera Flight

My mum reading a book to the children at our accommodation in Kauai. The book was published and bought in Hawaii and I can’t remember the name.

January 2012

Right where it hurts!

Sometimes babysitting is hard work.