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Monday Poem: “Quiver”


Not by reason
Or by thinking
Does one deny the supernatural.

When did we assume to be grander
Than the mysterious?
To be not quivering in our boots
But instead be smug and serious
Enough to smile in denial?
Doesn’t nature demand
More than a second glance
And get her well-earned chance
To speak to those who seek?
Or do we drown out its lessons
With pride-filled transgressions
And self-focused sessions-
A million and one excuses
And opinion-filled abuses
Of scientific jargon
and science-fiction pardons?

For just as man screams “I exist”,
Nature demands that we just sit
Still to listen to her sermon,
She is passionately determined
To point us to her God
Who has no obligations
To His creations
Except to be Himself.