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Monday Poem- “Odd Couple 6”

Odd Couple 6

His heart is thick as leather
And his mind is kind of weathered
But he opens up and has a chat to her.
She’s the kind of lady
Who just loves to call him baby
But then cuts him with the gaps between her words.
How can it be that these two strange foes
(Who looks like cane toads)
Can be on the same road?
How is it they’re alone
But in the darkness they’re at home
Like leather and pain,
They sever the chains,

An unlikely odd couple
Watched on from above
(Cheered on in love)
By angelic dances and sovereign glances
Whose eyes penetrate smokes and booze
As much as empty pews,
Looking for a chance
To commission romance
And paint a pretty picture,
They replaced elixirs with scriptures
When Cupids arrow hit them.

these fools leave stools.
These ghouls find jewels.
Their hearts awoken
(Three-corded strands
Cannot be broken).
Ugliness redeemed
When the odd couple teamed


Monday poem- “The incident”

The coincidence

The incident was no coincidence
But a necessary lesson to pause,
To stop and consider his flaws-
The things that need to change
Be rearranged
Or left the same.

In the future years
He learned not to worry about perfection
Or gaining affection,
And to just focus on the pause.

The incident taught him to pray,
Not the words to say
But an honest way,
And the incident taught him to live
And the incident taught him to love.
What a blessing
That his unfortunate “coincidence” was
Another lesson from above.

Monday Poem: “The Trust Nuts”

The Trust Nuts

He came up trumps in the end-
The sleepless nights and sudden frights
Became scaled heights and hailed delights
With diminishing returns
And exoneration of the stupid kind.

They hated his energy
But loved it when he used it
(Abused it for the popular cause)
Despite his flaws he came up trumps
And found his place.

There is a lot to lie to rest now-
Thoughts of melodic, hypnotic, cryptic logic…
Dreams of obscene, forbidden hidden wealth…
Talks of strangely changing dangers
In a range of thrilling foods
Killing dudes in silly moods…’
But what remains from scaled heights
Is he and you
And your different points of view
And then a third one which is true.

Monday Poem- “No World Order”

No World Order

Innovative designers
And gatekeepers of culture
Take on this task
Of our brave new world,
Asking for formula, predictability and data files
Of news readers, geeks and pedophiles
And other upstanding citizens friends.
In a strictly libertarian sense
These things are deviant,
But in a practical sense they are convenient.
However convenient isn’t always good,
Just ask Robin Hood,
Who had all the riches in the world
But still slept out in the woods,
As well us heroes should.

Monday Poem- “Tent (Night II)″

Tent (Night II)

We left the tent and ventured out
Quiet at first, then hysterical and fast
Not wanting to get caught by noise or dark
Or by anyone else about.

With the tent that housed us not in sight
We each submitted to adventures dares,
Our whispers failed to mask our scare-
It is a foreign world at night.

Even the most mundane finds
Provide mystical and magical awe
And are different objects than before,
When we leave the tent behind.

We play games and just pretend
That we are adults and not just small boys
Until the bushes move and make a noise
Then we bolt back to the tent-
Willing night to end.

Monday Poem- “The boys″

The boys

I am unlike these pregnant men outside,
Unlike their words
That glide like arrows burning,
Turning from their goals.
They are drunk, divorced
And puckering recklessly
Without restraint.
Rashly rushed results
Of puppy-love and alcohol.
Musing, they are past doing,
Instead positioning the body like the run-down sadist.
Fleeing without fixing,
Manning without mixing,
They are executing needlessly throughout these beginnings.
They are mimicking the memory of a boys club,
Recycling better times
And better frames of mind
And wondering why they’re down.

Monday Poem – “Sweet Morning, Come”

Sweet Morning, Come

Sweet Morning, come
Sweet Morning, come

Sweet Morning back me up
Give flight to sorrows
Sweet Morning help me out, come now
Allow new thoughts to follow

Whatever Night has
Let it be revealed
With haste give chase to
Sorry thoughts and change the way I feel

Sweet Morning, come
Sweet Morning stay with me
Sweet Morning bring your light and warmth
And let my mind go free.