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Monday Poem: “Politics”


Caesar was loved by the masses
But stabbed in the back by his friends,
Who’d want to be a politician
And meet such a horrible end?
Caesar did what was right in his own eyes,
And that had just a small perk or two,
He knew how to defend
His ideas to all men
And how to tick off more than a few.

That’s just politics though, isn’t it?

Brutus (the coward)
Wasn’t brave, smart or proud,
Was not really anyone.
He went from being like a son
Then hardened to become
Just another hired gun.
Marc Antony was next
And quickly made a mess,
He did not have success
Before he followed in Caesars steps.

And the disc keeps turning,
Stuck on repeat.
That’s just politics though, isn’t it?

Monday Poem- “No World Order”

No World Order

Innovative designers
And gatekeepers of culture
Take on this task
Of our brave new world,
Asking for formula, predictability and data files
Of news readers, geeks and pedophiles
And other upstanding citizens friends.
In a strictly libertarian sense
These things are deviant,
But in a practical sense they are convenient.
However convenient isn’t always good,
Just ask Robin Hood,
Who had all the riches in the world
But still slept out in the woods,
As well us heroes should.

Monday Poem – “Truth or comfort”

Truth or comfort

We are being lied to.
The concept is no longer
Fringe, freak or theory
Or paranoid conspiracy
But widely accepted assumption
To those in the know.

I saw a little man with a power plan
Sweet little boy with a syndrome
Sell his soul before it was wholely grown.
Leaked to geeks and seekers
Controlled by controlled tweekers-
A bill designed to kill.
Was it the dead wife with a lead pipe or a bread knife?
Or the president who took his life (time and time again)?
Everything connects if you look.

What I saw was the first war!
The first coupe conspiracy
Indisputable undeniable facts and Hollywood crap
Collide and become one
With what is new below the Sun
From now until the day His kingdom comes…
When the lies will be undone,
And the masses become undumb.

Monday Poem – “Climate Change 1”

Climate Change 1

I heard a dead horse
Give account for time spent being flogged
By squawking talking science nuts
And sheeple speaking monkish.
I told the horse to take it like a man
And that I would plan
To expose the horse-assasins
With mental notes of its complaints.
This repetition of fudged facts
For contracts
Has held back
The impact
Of love upon this world.
For control freaks
Have planned this for years
But the dead horse is louder than those flogging
And the smell that the decay emits
And law and violence it permits
Is fishy at best…
But its clear that things aren’t even best.