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Monday poem: “Candidate for commitment”

Candidate for commitment

She’d heard a lot of tales before,
Both short and tall
She’d heard it all.
Of all the words she’d heard before
His meant more,
For what she saw:
It matched his words.

Monday Poem- “Odd Couple 6”

Odd Couple 6

His heart is thick as leather
And his mind is kind of weathered
But he opens up and has a chat to her.
She’s the kind of lady
Who just loves to call him baby
But then cuts him with the gaps between her words.
How can it be that these two strange foes
(Who looks like cane toads)
Can be on the same road?
How is it they’re alone
But in the darkness they’re at home
Like leather and pain,
They sever the chains,

An unlikely odd couple
Watched on from above
(Cheered on in love)
By angelic dances and sovereign glances
Whose eyes penetrate smokes and booze
As much as empty pews,
Looking for a chance
To commission romance
And paint a pretty picture,
They replaced elixirs with scriptures
When Cupids arrow hit them.

these fools leave stools.
These ghouls find jewels.
Their hearts awoken
(Three-corded strands
Cannot be broken).
Ugliness redeemed
When the odd couple teamed

Monday Poem: “Convict love token”

Convict love token

Taken by force
From where I loved,
I sang to you for the last time-
“God save the man…”,
they forced me out of view.

Watching the sun,
through smoggy screens,
I thought of you on the last night,
“God save the man…”,
I forced myself to pray.

Resting my eyes.
The final night
of my wretched life.
“God save the man…”
you force me to have hope.