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Monday Poem: “Couta Rocks 5”

Couta Rocks 5

Exploring the rocks
With my dog and my pop
And a bag to collect what we find-
A rope tied in knots
And a broken cray-pot
And some shells of all sizes and kinds,
An indigenous tool
(Ill put it back, that’s the rule)
And some junk off a Japanese ship,
This bait-saver looks good,
I’d take it home I could
But my pop tells me we already have six.

I gained a lot from those days
In my bag and my brain
As we’d talk, or explore, or just laugh.
I had a fine looking hound
And all the things that we found
But what I gained most was what Pop placed in my heart.

Monday Poem- “Ellsworth”


Betrayal of a different kind
Has seized his mind,
When long-loyal-hearts
(Released without consent) can find
Themselves alone and just in time.

The knowledge of the lovers tiff
Caused an argument of sorts,
The quarrel was not between the two
But between conflicting thoughts.

The man who knelt beside her bed
With both hands clasped above his head
For fear the wench might soon be dead,
Was not the father of his child
(The one he’d been minding all the while
His wife was going wild).

What slaughtered her was not the man
Nor was it going wild,
She died of a broken heart you see
When she told him of his child.


Emu Food Cam

Feeding the emus at Tasmania Zoo. Emu Food Cam

Right where it hurts!

Sometimes babysitting is hard work.