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Mrs Flight and I at the Koloa Landing Resort in Kauai, Hawaii (Jan 2012)



I love this woman so muuuuch. I am the most fortunate human being on the planet.


Photos taken in our accomodation (Koloa Landing Resort) Kauaii, Hawaiii (January 2012)


This was our first time out of Australia

. We went to USA and the first leg of  our tour was Hawaii where my brother got married. We had an amazing  time. The accommodation  in the photo was shared with my sister, her husband and children and my mum and dad. We all had our own rooms and bathrooms with a shared living space.

You should note the very stereotypical Hawaiian garb we wear, which we were surprised to find not only the tourists but the locals actually do wear everywhere. We purchased ours at a tourist shop at the airport though. The beads were given free on arrival at the accommodation.

We arrived on Kauai from the Big Island late into the night and it is amazing we were able to drive straight to the accommodation with no concerns in the pitch black night with no map. Kauai is very untouched by tourism and of the islands is the most quiet, there is very little signage and that’s how the locals seem to like it. We basically had to rely on the extreme survival skills and amazing instincts of the writer whose instincts told him to drive wherever his wife told him because then if it was wrong and we got lost it would be her fault. Those instincts were right because we basically arrived with no need for maps or other directions. The accommodation was so self contained and luxurious. Very casual too and much chillage was had not just with our family but with our new Canadian family that came as part the package when my brother marrried my new sister. They were very cool people and now our friends for life.

Katie and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary twice, once in Australia and then we travelled back in time to gain the same date again in America. It was cool to have a wedding anniversary in Sydney and the next day the same wedding anniversary in Hawaii. Although I have to say, marriage is something we try to celebrate everyday and I am thankful to God for her everyday.

Lava Tubes – The Big Island, Hawaii


This is myself and Mrs Flight on our first night on the Big Island in Hawaii. We’d been exploring Volcano National Park along Crater Rim Road, checking out the steam vents, sulphur banks and night glow of an active part of the volcano. We were talking to a park ranger and he recommended going and checking the lava tubes of a night. We found the spot and trekked through a creepy rainforest with only my iPhone for lighting, it was running out of battery too.

When we got to the lave tube we were amazed by the beauty of the lava tube. It was huge. Lava tubes are basically caused by molten lava as it flows and hardens on the outside, with the centre continually flowing leaving the hardened exterior in the shape of really cool tunnels. Katie and I marvelled at the formations and being our first night out of Australia kind of partied it up hyperactively. It still amazes me the beauty of this wonder and having it all to ourselves. We joked that the place was so isolated that the ranger could have sent us there to kill us. Weird joke but it honestly had that cool creepy movie vibe.

On the way back to the hotel we listened to hawaiin music in the car. We stopped at the servo and were able to purchase for ten dollars some lollies, pork crackle, a six pack of beer, wine, whiskey and coke. The granny at the counter asked me for id to prove I was old enough. This was the first time I’ve been asked for ID for buying alcohol since way before I was eighteen. I found it flattering given my thirty year old man belly, stubble and patchy baldness, but when I met a few local youths I understood as they were all huge and hairy and probably born with tattoos. The servo was in the town that backed onto the volcano and from what I could tell it was actually called volcano.

The next day we visited those tubes again in daylight and the place was choc-a-block full of tourists. Lava tubes now have a special place in my heart.