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Monday Poem- “The girl named No”

The girl named No

One still night during her ninth pregnancy
(After birthing eight girls)
Mrs. Johns prayed wantingly for a son
To assist her in this world.
Desperate, she dared to offer prayers,
Asking favor of God (of this God who cares)
And He responded with a “no”
And so, after the initial blow
She named her ninth daughter No.

Over the years
No domineered
The family prayer time,
And they became disinterested in blessings
And more focused on confessing,
On making things right
And on fighting the fight
(Less what they could get, more what they could do).
After some time Mrs. Johns knew
That what No had taken her through
Although undesirable at first
Could have been worse;
That No on one hand
Had helped her understand
That what initially hurt
In actual fact worked
For the good of her and her girls
And the entire world.

And so
Mrs. Johns was grateful for her sons…
And she named them all None
And thanked God for each one
And for every other no.

Monday Poem – “Night time” (or “The early bird catches the worm but the late mouse gets the cheese.”)

Night time
(or “The early bird catches the worm but it’s the late mice that get the cheese.”)

How is it that birds know bedtime?
Where do they go?
How do they know?
Is it in their beaks?
Do their wings grow weak?
Did they evolve all at once on a global level?
Or was it Gods plan or just mans or the devils?

Are they afraid of the dark
Or is it just the stark
Reality that there really is no reason to
Stay up for most birds?
Perhaps they just all heard
Clichés about who gets the worm.

Well they can have their rest
And their little nests
Because I like the night the best,
When the worms roam free.
It’s the late mice who get the cheese…
The late mice, the night-worms and me!