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Monday Poem: Monster party

Monster party

Turbulent times called for extreme measures…

My species was endangered now
(The final thinking primates),
For most had gave their souls away
In what was the end of days,
When nobody planned for the future
For nobody thought it would come,
We all just believed the newspaper
And the newspaper just made us all dumb.
We thought we were finding some answers
But instead were fighting the truth.
We fought for another man’s reasons
But instead we just gave him our youth.


What happened?

What brought us there?

Likable survivors were few:
If they were kind they were too good to be true.
If they were liars you couldn’t trust what they’d do.
If they were blind then they were probably you.

Did this apocalypse make monsters of men
Or merely expose what was already there?

The dust settled on our double-glazed mask.
We let Love remain still and Rage asked
“Is it safe to trust
Or is hate a must
In this dusty desert wasteland?”
That wasteland we called home
When nobody planned for the present
For nobody thought it would come,
When we all just believed our feed-readers
And the internet made us all dumb…
And the demons all know what is coming
So they soak up their last days in the sun,
For they know in the midst
Of the Apocalypse
That the Lord has the victory won.

Monday Poem- “Zombie Land”

Zombie Land

None of the taps work willingly,
In this dry and barren place
There’s no memory of clean water
Or of a friendly face.
There’s no hope of finding green now
That the worlds been laid to waste,
No hope of grace or mercy
From this post-human soldier-race.
There’s no dignity or spirit
Within the city gates,
The undead rule the earth now
And our chances aren’t that great.
Still some strive to form community
And to offer warm embrace,
Because when we offer love in the pestilence
We find life where once was hate.